A few words about the Congress in Samara

 Patient organizations are prominent in the system of rendering medical assistance to patients with MS. I am glad that there is the organization of patients – All-Russian Multiple Sclerosis Society (ARMSS) that has actively been at work for almost 10 years. From 3-6 November, the Third Congress of the ARMSS will be held in Samara within the frames of the 2nd All-Russian Patients Congress; simultaneously, the All-Russian scientific and practical conference of neurologists ‘Multiple Sclerosis: A Ten-Year Partnership to Serve Patients’ will take place there.

I regard such strengthening of cooperation between patient and healthcare establishments as very important, likewise are joint conferences at which neurologists together with patients can discuss crucial problems that have to do with the most complex issues of medical assistance. More than 60 neurologists from all over Russia will attend the conference, who deal with this problem in MS surgeries and centres to help patients with MS, as well as officers of leading neurologic clinics will join the Congress. Subjects for reports at the scientific and practical conference are dedicated to a variety of aspects of medical and social assistance that people with MS themselves, their organizations and the ARMSS Medical and Consultative Council have identified. These topical medical problems do not have to do with the pharmaceutical provision alone but they are, first of all, aimed at improving the quality of rendering assistance, tailoring pathogenetic and symptomatic therapies, cutting-edge aspects of neuro-rehabilitation. Therefore, I would like to extend my wishes of active and productive work at the Congress and the scientific and practical conference to both patients, physicians and healthcare officers. 

A.N.Boiko, professor

Vice-President, ARMSS

Coordinator of the Medical and Consultative Council

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