Regular Congress and ARMSS 10th Anniversary

From 3-6 November, the Third Congress of the All-Russian Multiple Sclerosis Society (ARMSS) will be held within the frames of the 2nd All-Russian Patients Congress in the city of Samara; the Congress will be also hosting other major events: the 1st All-Russian civil conference of patients with orphan diseases, the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Multiple Sclerosis: A Ten-Year Partnership to Serve Patients’, Round Tables on issues of hemophilia and epilepsy, exhibition ‘We’ll help!’.

    I believe that the 2nd All-Russian Patients Congress and the 1st All-Russian civil conference of patients with orphan diseases are a very important step in rendering assistance to all patients in Russia, particularly, patients with orphan diseases. This category of patients is the most socially vulnerable. Most rare diseases are not included in any Federal program providing for assistance. Oftentimes, patients don’t have information on where they can find help. Moreover, the medical community is poorly informed about these diseases, and, thus, cannot make a diagnosis and start therapy in good time. (I.V.Myasnikova, Chairwoman, Board of the Interregional public organization ‘Support to people with mucoviscidosis‘)

This year, the ARMSS is marking its first jubilee. As it often is the case, we are most sincerely surprised on turning back and do not believe that 10 years have already passed. It is exactly ten years since 2001 as the representatives of 48 regions at the First Congress established the National MS Society in Russia, which we know as the All-Russian public organization of disabled people with multiple sclerosis. Over this period, the Organization has been headed by Dr Yan Vladimirovich Vlasov, at first, as the Director General, but five years ago at the Second Congress in Novosibirsk, he was elected the President.

    I regard such strengthening of cooperation between patient and healthcare establishments as very important; likewise are joint conferences at which neurologists together with patients can discuss crucial problems that have to do with the most complex issues of medical assistance. (Dr A.N.Boiko, professor, Vice-President, ARMSS, Coordinator of the Medical and Consultative Council)

Since then, the ARMSS has become a structure, whose say counts both in Russia and abroad. But this is an organization which after having stepped significantly forward is not content with things achieved so far, and it is permanently and persistently searching and finding ways to develop. This helps the Organization maintain its dignity of a dynamic, active and efficient partner.

    The Congress will welcome a great number of delegates who represent interests of persons with MS in most regions of the country. I think that the Congress will make again a regular step forward in advocating rights and interests of persons with MS. The Congress will also see new tasks and goals formulated. (Fedor Shishlyannikov, Director, Institute of Plenipotentiary Public Experts, ARMSS)

This is what we are to see at the Congress. In despite of the festive mood as due for a jubilee, along with summing up on the five-year activities, we‘ll have to work much in November to elect the President and Vice-Presidents of the ARMSS.  

The Congress Program

Pavel Zlobin

Vice-president, ARMSS

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