ARMSS among best web resources

Moscow. On 26 May, the ARMSS was among awardees at the Web Resources Festival ‘World of equal opportunities’.

This event occurred just when the whole world MS community was marking the World Multiple Sclerosis Day. In this context, while speaking during the awarding ceremony ARMSS representative Oleg Ipatov told about the WMSD and was happy to contribute our win in the nomination ‘One world – one dream’ to this global event. He also presented the Festival organizers with Composite Russian language editions of the MSIF magazine ‘MS in focus’.

The ARMSS portal is the focal point for 75 regional branches of the Society, which covers 92% of Russia. It is also forming a network of 15 All-Russian patient web-sites.

There were 141 participants in the Moscow Festival competition, and our Society was a winner with the other 14 awardees in 5 nominations. The ARMSS is proud to be recognized and wants to demonstrate a potential for more activities in widening its presence on the web to reflect its projects, achievements and overall work.

The Moscow Festival Web-Resources competition is a flexible function and can accommodate more nominations. True, there are no nominations for English language web-sites, but the competition panel of judges is always ready to award special prizes for outstanding projects, where next time we aspire to present an ARMSS web-site in English.

 We believe that the Festival panel will turn their attention to this ARMSS project next year.


Pavel Zlobin

Vice President, ARMSS

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