Dear Friends,

As many of you know, at the end of 2009 our Organization along with the League for protecting patients, the Haemophilia Society and other active Russian patient organizations established the All-Russian Patients Union.

Soon, on May 28, the Union will hold its most important event, i.e. the Fist All-Russian Patients Congress. The activities done and decisions made at the Congress affect your and our interests directly. Nobody knows what course the state policy will take in terms of supporting patients with diseases requiring expensive drugs after the ‘Seven Nosologies’ pragramme, that currently works, ends in 2011. While the time is opportune, we need speak our minds. Our future depends on it.

Remember, but for the timely campaign the All-Russian MS Society conducted to protect patients’ rights, we should not have the drugs provided as they are. There is no knowing what might have happened to us.

Therefore, we call on you to join the congress and say what you think is important.
The Congress will be held on May 28, 2010 at the Central Entrepreneurs House (‘Tsentralny Dom Predprinimatelei’) at the address: Moscow, Pokrovka ul., 47/24, bldg 1; from 9am to 5pm All participants will be served with a lunch.

Who are close to the venue, please, do come. Those with ethernet connection available are invited to ‘vote for’ the Patients’ Rights Declaration being developed by the Congress at: http://www.patients.ru . All interested parties and individuals including patients, family members, friends, may vote.We look forward to you taking part in our common affairs.


Olga Bobrovnikova,
musician and public leader
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